Let's count the words. These were 3. But, just to say, we used 3 others and they make 6. At this point, it's clear that specifying is expensive: 14 words to say that there were 6; and that's 20. Then there are those who find it useless to specify and try to point out. The first clarification of this speech required 19 words which, added to the 3 of the statement, the 3 of the observation and the 14 of the specification, make 39.


But that's not enough, this complaint cost 37 words, which with the previous 39 makes 76. Plus the 16 of the latest discovery make 92. Plus the 8 of this information make 100.


And in the meantime we have used another 8. Plus 7. More 2. Plus 2. Plus 2. And that's 123. Plus 3. So 126, plus 2, 128. Plus 1 129. Plus 5 and that's 134. Plus 3.

But will we ever be able to overtake? Never stop.


We had almost reached the bill and got lost along the way...
6 words for the question and 14 for the moral, plus the 5 previous ones missing, and that's 159. Plus 18 for the prolepsis, plus five for saying it, plus four for confirming it, and there are 182. Add 7 with an explanatory nature and 6 with a didactic intent, plus 5 with a methodological function.


And we are at 205, plus 4, plus 1 of the plus and 1 of the 4, 2 more of the plus 1, plus 2 of the plus and 4 of and 1 of the 4, plus 5 of another 2 of the plus 1 and 5 of the plus 2 of the more, and 7 of and 4 of and 1 of the 4 and then, if you know how to count, you count them yourself.