Mangel Halto is located in Pos Chiquito on the southeast coast just south of the Spanish Lagoon. It is a perfect sunning and snorkeling spot with calm, shallow waters rich in sea life supported by an intriguing network of mangroves.
It is a secluded beach area perfect for picnics with white powdery sand and huts for shade.
An excellent shore diving site, it is possible to walk out to the edge of the reef to behold such fish as parrotfish, yellowtail snapper, sergeant majors and blue tangs as well as deep water gorgonians, sponges and anemones.
The reef plunges to depths of 110’ where octopi, morays and barracuda abound.


·    Swimming conditions: Shallow water.

·    Beach side: White powder sand. Good spot for picnics.

·    Accessible by car or taxi.



Rodgers Beach is a narrow powdery white strip close-by, where fishermen anchor their boats, protected by the calm waters of the bay.
Frequented mainly by the local population on holidays, from Monday to Friday it is an enchanting oasis of peace rarely reached by organized tourism.


·    Swimming conditions: Excellent with calm water.

·    Beach side: White powder sand.

·    Accessible by car or taxi.



Baby Beach is located in Seroe Colorado at the southeastern end of the island. This area was once known as “The Colony” because executives and their families lived in a gated community during the bustling half-century operation of the Lago Refinery. Baby Beach is a sandy half-moon sandy expanse in a calm lagoon, with a refreshment stand and huts. The waters are shallow; swimmers can wade out for a long distance and still touch the sea bottom. Where the bay opens out to the sea, snorkelers will behold a colorful kaleidoscope of coral and tropical fish, but watch out for strong currents here.


·    Swimming conditions: Excellent and a great spot for snorkeling.

·    Beach side: Very shallow water. White powder sand.

·    Recently updated with some facilities like beach palapas, bathrooms, etc.

·    Accessible by public bus, car or taxi.



A beach out of this world where you can experience the feeling of being far from everything and everyone. A walk along this coast will allow you to discover spontaneous, unusual and very varied vegetation, as well as precarious shelters and small constructions made by locals with materials and logs brought from the sea.


·    Swimming conditions: Better suited for extreme sports enthusiasts like kite and board surfing. Not suited for swimming due to strong currents.

·    Beach side: White powder sand. No facilities.

·    Accessible by car or taxi.

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